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New Game Update: Allies

kioshi1, May 22, 12 11:52 PM.

Charting the Galaxy - Official Guild Event

kioshi1, May 8, 12 12:31 AM.
Charting the Galaxy is almost here!  Check out this link to our forums for more info:

Click Here!

Guild Event! (Coming Soon)

Antok Stormveil, May 3, 12 10:15 AM.
It's my pleasure to officially announce the first guild event for Reign of Darkness! The event will be known as "Charting the Galaxy" - in which guild members, either individually or in groups of no more than three people, will be allowed to compete in a quest to find all of the locations provided by the Dark Council. These locations will span across the entire known galaxy, and range in various levels of difficulty to find.

The event will start on Monday, May 14 at 8:00pm CST. There is no time limit - the first player or team that successfully finds all of the locations will win the competition and the grand prize. Look to the forums in the coming days for additional information.

Spread the word, we want as many guild members as possible to enter! This event will be open to everyone, all you need is a ship to explore the galaxy!

1.2 is Finally Here!!

Antok Stormveil, Apr 13, 12 11:49 AM.
With the release of 1.2 - I'm interested to see how everyone's initial impressions are. Head over to our member forums (or click directly on the link below) to vote in our poll and give some feedback on what you've seen. Has your class been hit by the nerf bat - or did you get lucky and get a blessing from the Bioware gods?

Click Here!

Go now and post your reactions!

1.2 Legacy System Overview

Antok Stormveil, Mar 30, 12 10:19 AM.
Here's a short read that was posted on the SWTOR site regarding the Legacy system. It gives a pretty in-depth look at what changes are coming in 1.2 as well as what they hope to add in to the system in the future. Overall, I think that the system sounds alright, but I think they should allow you to go a step further and share your legacy tree with other players. (Distant Sith Lord cousins, maybe?)

1.2 Patch Notes Released

Antok Stormveil, Mar 19, 12 2:11 PM.
Thought everyone would want to take a look at the long list of upcoming patch notes for 1.2. Visit the link below to see the full list, it's way too long to post on here. Keep scrolling down, the list goes on for awhile.

What does everyone think?

The story continues in 1.2!

Antok Stormveil, Mar 18, 12 6:04 PM.
Check out this article that was posted today on SWTOR's website regarding 1.2:

"Star Wars™ has always been a continuing saga from the moment that the phrase ‘Episode IV’ scrolled upwards onto movie screens. With those words an ongoing, epic story was born, and Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ continues the tradition.

I’m Charles Boyd, a writer here at BioWare Austin for Star Wars: The Old Republic and I wanted to share a sneak peek at the story behind Game Update 1.2. The development team has designed each of our game updates to shed a bit more light on the state of the galaxy and the ongoing war between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, with new story details and hints about the future spread across every piece of content. Game Update 1.2 will be our biggest update yet, but your adventure in a galaxy far, far away is just getting started!..."

Read more at the link below:

Come join us at Karagga's Palace!

Antok Stormveil, Mar 15, 12 10:18 AM.
Visit the Calendar or simply click on the event posting under "Schedule" to the right side of the page to sign up for the Karagga's Palace [Normal Mode] run on Sunday afternoon. The run will take place at 2:00 PM CST.

Last night we downed Eternity Vault [Normal Mode] for the first time as a Guild and it went really smooth. Let's build off of that success and knock out KP!
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